Working With What You Have

by Quinn Larson

The baby is coming, and you are ready to fix up the nursery, but you’re more of a mouse click decorator, than a physical one.  You know you are not going to get around to painting, but you don’t want your baby to have a plain white or beige room either.

Worry not! There are many options for coordinating color in a room while maintaining your lovely already painted walls.

Select a color theme: Whites, beiges and taupes are classified as neutrals, so you don’t have to worry about infusing them into your scheme. Focus instead on the colors you want to decorate with.  Babies need and love visual stimulation, so this is your chance to create a colorful décor theme. Many find the easiest place to start for color combination inspiration is with a pre-coordinated bedding set.  Others prefer to start with a favorite picture, toy or blanket.

Find fun, coordinating décor: Once your color scheme is in place, buy décor items that will add color and interest to the walls and furnishing.  Vinyl decals add color and design while being non permanent, easy to apply and applicable on walls, windows or furnishings. Cute colorful pictures and patterned rugs are also great additions to liven up a nursery.  If you can’t find that commercially manufactured décor item in the right color scheme, consider a custom made piece by one of the many online craft retailer sites.

Try not to get too caught up in the controversy over what colors babies can or cannot see.  You’ll want to design a room that will hold up for at least 3 years, and most kids can see the entire color spectrum well before that age.  The more important thing is to add enough interesting color and décor that your baby will have things to look at. That mobile or birdie picture will be worth its weight in gold when it grants you and extra 10 minutes of baby pondering time.


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