Winter is here!

by Erika Woelfel

The first big snow of the season arrives, transforming the world with a frosting of white. At first it is a marvel: Entire neighborhoods look enchanted, like a glittering frozen world out of a fairytale. There is also nothing more fun than playing in new snow! As a kid, I couldn’t wait to go sledding, skiing or making snow angels after the first blizzard. Now I feel more like cozying up in front of a fireplace with a book and a coffee, although it is very pretty to look at!

If you live in an area where it snows, the climate can affect the appearance of color on a home’s exterior. Your house may look dramatically different in the summer with gardens bursting in full green foliage than in winter when the skies are gray and snow is piled high!

Green is a terrific color, all year round.

This charming house could almost belong to Santa at the North Pole!

Gray colors tend to look cooler in the snow, especially when skies are overcast.

Golden colors stand out well against a snowy background.

White homes tend to blend into the scenery when winter comes!

Yes, it seems unlikely – there can even be a dusting of snow in the high desert!

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