Winter Baby

by Quinn Larson

Though in many parts of the world winter is a time of dormancy, it is by no means a season devoid of color. Imagine rich colors such as the sapphire hues of a clear sky, or the vivid contrast of a scarlet cardinal against the white of a snow laded branch, deep evergreens covered in brandy toned pine cones, and  warming coffee and creamy browns swirling in your mug as you watch the tempestuous grays of a passing storm. These are just some of the hues that make up a winter palette- colors with life and depth that are anything but drab. 

Perhaps your love of the season and these colors has inspired you to create a winter wonderland theme for your little one’s room. There are just a couple of things that you have reservations about…You want the room to feel wintry, but not cold, and the traditional winter palette you feel may be a little too strong for a kids room.

It isn’t difficult to make these colors more kid friendly. Start by selection a palette of the winter colors you are attracted to- we will call these the “parent” colors. With your parent colors source out variations in the same color family that are lighter, slightly warmer and/or more muted. In this way you can keep a wintry feel that is also youthful, welcoming and serene. Supporting décor will make the theme enjoyable and whimsical.

In the example above I picked a color palette of blue, green, gray and white.  For the blue I went in two directions, splitting it into two tones of a more young-feeling turquoise.  The gray and green were lightened and slightly warmed.  White, as a neutral remained the same.   The result in look and feel is definitely wintry, but also soft and fun.

Colorfully yours,


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