Why Should I Sample?

by Quinn Larson

Imagine this scenario…You are planning a big painting project and have spent countless hours grueling over which of your little color chips was going to be the right color. Finally coming to a decision, you run to your local The Home Depot® and purchase several gallons of your selected color. You hurry home, excited to paint and transform your space. About a wall into the project, however, you notice that the color is coming across a little too _______ (choose all that apply: Bright, Light, Dark, Muted, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple).

Sound like something you’ve experienced? Don’t worry if you have. This is a common occurrence among novice and experienced color selectors.

There are two causes we generally attribute this to: color chip size and lighting.

Color Chip Size

When you look at a color as a small chip, only a portion of color’s depth and impact is visible. When you paint the color over a larger area, more accurate information regarding that color is able to be seen. The larger the color sample you view, the more understanding of the color’s nuances you’ll have. Which of the two images (the above, or the below), gives you a better feel for the color?


Lighting is by far the greatest impacter of color. Many people fail to realize when viewing color, that the light source at their local hardware store is not that of their home. To get an accurate read on how a color will look in a room, you have to view the color in that room. Factors like direction of natural light and type of lighting can influence the color’s transition throughout the day. View your selections in the space often to make sure you like how the color looks as the day progresses. The image above shows how color can look different depending on which direction the window faces.

Sample jars are key to taking the guess work out of color selection. They will resolve the above issues by allowing you to see a larger patch of color in the light of your space. The small financial investment made in a sample jar can pay off big time in product cost and time savings.

View these tips to learn more on how-to choose an interior color.

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