Valentine Trends

by Erika Woelfel

What’s your Valentine’s style? I hadn’t thought about it until someone asked me one day, so it gave me a moment of pause. My response was that it is the one day out of the whole year that I might actually wear something red. A red blouse, red nails…or I might drag that little clutch purse covered in red silk roses out of the closet just for fun. If my Valentine fashion style were turned into décor, I would have to say it goes more vintage than vampy.

Regardless of how you dress on Feb. 14th, Valentine ’s Day is all about how you express yourself to your OAO. So whether you are taking a romantic hiatus, going all-out with hearts and flowers, or are more the dinner and a movie type – there’s a certain style element that goes along with the event. Below are some fun new Valentine’s trends to be on the look-out for this year.

Modern Love: Pixel heart designs give a high tech look this Valentine’s Day.

Show your coffee mug some affection with a hand-made cup cozy.

A driftwood wall-hanging gives Valentine ’s Day a beach inspired theme.

Iridescent surface effects and neutral colors are a more masculine approach to Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day with a steam punk twist: oxidized metal, rustic wood and paper heart collage.

Heart-shaped cookies depart from a red and pink color palette. The earthy and natural colors are very appealing and comforting…

Bring your Valentine a special breakfast! Foods go artisanal. The special ingredient is always the LOVE!

Nothing says romantic like a pink bath!

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