Unisex Color Schemes

by Quinn Larson

Now that you’ve started to feel like a normal human being again, you might be entertaining thoughts about decorating your soon to be bundle of joy’s room. The immediate question that comes up is, of course, what are you having? Are you chomping at the bit to know or, do you want to be surprised?

If you are waiting till birth to know what sex your little one is, there comes the issue of decorating for an undetermined. Unfortunately our society loves a rather strict division between “girl” themes and “boy” themes, which leaves little in the way of “either or” themes for those who wish to be surprised.

Luckily with the thousands of paint colors available and the numerous custom baby décor stores online you can create a very colorful baby nursery that will be suitable for either a boy, or a girl. To make things a little easier for those of you that want to design

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something either or, are not a big fan of a traditional girl/boy color schemes, or are making some revisions for the introduction of a new family member I have listed some color families that fall within the either or range.


Though dark, light and primary blue are considered the official baby boy color, light warm blues from the turquoise and teal families are both. Depending on what colors you put with them they can feel masculine or feminine.

Green (all family members)

Green, though commonly paired with blue in boys themes, is actually a unisex color and can be used in both. Boys will skew to the cooler greens, while girls will lean toward the warmer variations. Light tints are generally right down the middle.

Yellow (all family members)

This is the classic unisex color. Light members of the yellow family have been traditional colors assigned to babies and it’s easy to find things in yellow and white schemes. More vivid variations, much beloved by kids, are great for use as colorful accents.


Primary red is considered unisex. This is due to the fact that babies can distinguish this color early on. We like to provide our babies with stimulating toys, books and interactive contraptions with this color paired with black and white. Pink, the light variation of this color and versions that lean toward magenta are definitely ranging into girl zone – steer clear for a unisex palette.


Why do you find so much baby furniture in these two schemes? You can’t get more androgynous than these two colors.

Orange is another color that is considered unisex. Light, peachy versions can be feminine, but stronger more pure versions of the color and the warmer yellow influenced versions are ok for both boys and girls.

Chocolate/ Tan and Taupe

Members of the brown family are considered neutrals. For a child’s room combining them with color can create a more sophisticated color combination, or transition an already brown room into one appropriate for children.

You see that is almost the entire rainbow there! Though there are advantages and disadvantages to both, many parents (myself included) feel that it is infinitely easier in knowing. We tip our hats to those parents that have the patience and gumption to wait for that moment when the doctor cries out, “It’s a _________(fill in blank)!”

Colorfully Yours,


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