Trend Watch: Matte Black

by Erika Woelfel

Matte treatments have taken black to new levels of sophistication. The automotive industry led the way with sueded surface treatments several years ago when they applied flat paint to sports cars and high end luxury vehicles. The result definitely turned heads because it was so unique. The cosmetics uses chalky looks to create edgy graphic effects. Now the trend is

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appearing in home decor in everything from textiles to appliances. I especially like the contrast of glossy and matte finishes in kitchen design, as shown above with the flat black counter tops and high-polish cabinets.


For Winter 2013: Flat black lipstick, eye shadow and nail treatments make a graphic impression, especially when contrasted with minimal make-up for other features.


Matte black cookware makes a modern statement in the kitchen.


Chandeliers get a gothic make-over with black crystals and matte finish.


A black wall gives this living room an instant high-end look. A flat enamel paint finish absorbs the light, creating a feeling of depth in this open space.


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