Trend 2014- Spring Colors

by Quinn Larson


A little background on spring- traditionally seasonal colors are inspired by naturally occurring color harmonies. You have to be, of course, in a geographical area that has distinct seasons. For the sake of argument, however, let’s imagine we all live in an area where there is snow during the winter and the plants, animals and trees are non-blooming and dormant. Around March as the earth begins to

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turn toward the sun, the snow melts awakening the flora and fauna from their winter slumber. Almost overnight the world seems to burst into color and life. After experiencing months of dull color, the emerging hues bursting forth from the ground and sky seem exceptionally bright. The sun shining down and clear skies add warmth and light to all things. As such, spring colors are those that are light, vivid, and warm.

For this post I’d like to visit our 2014 trend palette and take a look at the colors within that are spring inspired.

Reds with warm yellow undertones, like Amaryllis, abound in spring. These reds are great for bolstering energy.

What is the quintessential color of spring? Bright green! The color of New Shoots and budding flowers.

Pastels are also big players in spring. Creamy oranges like South Peach remind us of the delicate petals of blooming trees.

Clear blue greens like Edgewater evoke images of warming waters and beach days to come.

Sunshine, warmth and energy- all things a yellow like Sunday Afternoon will bring to a space.

A day poolside anyone? Warm tropical blues bring with them a breezy calming feeling.


These colors and many others can be found in our 2014 Color and Design brochure. Be sure to check them out if you haven’t already. Happy Spring!

Colorfully yours,


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