Trellis in MARQUEE® Exterior Paint and Primer

by Quinn Larson

Last summer during a routine weekly shopping excursion at my local wholesale store, I came across a beautiful stained wood trellis for sale. It was love at first sight- I absolutely had to have this over my patio.

Several summers previously my husband had ripped out our patio cover. It was old, ugly, sagging and riddled with termite damage. It had to go. To be honest, the house looked much better without it. Problem was, you couldn’t really sit outside anymore unless it was early morning or evening. The blazing Southern California sun was just too bright and too hot to endure for any length of time. I had priced out installing vinyl and aluminum trellises, but with two preschool age kids we didn’t have thousands of dollars to spend. When I saw this trellis and its price in the hundreds, not thousands, I knew it was meant to be.

Hundreds of dollars may be better than thousands, but they are still hundreds. Buying a trellis was a hefty investment, and I wanted to do what I could to protect and prolong its life. It came as a stained piece in a cedar color. I adore the look of natural wood, and would have loved to have kept its original color, but when it comes to stained wood- I’m a pragmatist.

The sun in Southern California is intense; it is always shinning and the days are mostly hot and dry. I knew after a year or so the once beautiful cedar color would become blotchy and/or bleached out. Maintaining it would require cleaning and re-staining every couple of years or so.  That’s too much upkeep for me. Paint, on the other hand, provides lasting durability.

I decided to paint with a new member to our exterior product lines-MARQUEE® Exterior Paint and Primer.

Not all exterior paints are created equal; some are better suited to certain climates, applicators or substrates. Choosing the right exterior paint really depends on what you need in a paint. I had two in particular that I wanted met.

With an unforgiving desert sun I needed a paint that could resisted fading, drying and cracking. Yes I did paint my trellis white, and yes whites can fade -well not in the strict sense of the word. White colors tend to yellow over time in the sun, transforming crisp, bright whites into dingy yellows. I wanted a white that would stay white and MARQUEE® Exterior Paint and Primer could deliver there.

Southern California, is a populous and windy desert. There is a considerable amount of dust, dirt and pollution that blows around settling on your house. I wanted a paint that resisted dirt adhesion, allowing me to clean with the water pressure of a garden hose. The simple reasoning for this: garden hose = easily accessible, positioned next to trellis vs. pressure washer = unknown location, hassle to set up…enough said. I won’t bore you with the technical details, but MARQUEE® Exterior Paint and Primer is formulated to have a non-stick surface- kind of like those pans you see the infomercial guys flipping eggs on.

Meet those two needs, throw in stain blocking (always nice when you have two kids under five and dogs), and mildew resistance- the choice to use MARQUEE® Exterior Paint and Primer was a slam dunk for me.

Below are some of my project pictures.  It was quite an undertaking, but well worth the effort. The color used is Cameo White MQ3-32. It’s important to note MARQUEE® Exterior Paint and Primer product does not offer a one coat guarantee like the interior. The finished project above and below represents two coats of MARQUEE® Exterior Paint and Primer product in a satin finish.  The trellis project took 1.5 gallons of paint to complete.


This picture shows the color the trellis originally came in.  It was nice, but probably wouldn’t last very long under the  So Cal sun.


After the first two tables I was questioning my decision to paint, there was no going back however.  I was probably about 40% of the way through painting at this point.


Next up was the medium and big pieces.  Their awkwardness made me miss the maneuverability of the small pieces.


Finally the huge pieces- I could see the light at the end of the tunnel!


After the pieces had been painted, it was time to assemble the trellis.  I left this job to two very special helpers- my daughter Frankie and husband Rob.  Frankie found some “instructions” and got to work telling my husband which pieces went where. 


And, the end result- a beautiful new trellis for our back garden.  One that will last many, many years to come, and already much appreciated by Peaches the pug.

Colorfully yours,


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