Stylish Painted Furniture

by Nancy Bollefer

I’ve been waiting for years to tackle painting a piece of furniture and the only reason why I never encroached upon this endeavour was I simply didn’t have a piece which warranted a face-lift, as such.  So often, when perusing design publications I see interesting pieces of furniture treated in different hues and I’m inspired by how personal the piece becomes after a hit of colour is rendered.

Take, for example, the bedroom above.  There are multiple pieces which have been embellished with a coat of paint, starting with the wrought iron bed frame, and the beside tables, all painted out in Behr Ultra Pure White.   One would expect the armoire to take center stage, given the large proportion, but this wardrobe blends in comfortably amongst the pastel palette.  The real star, however in this space is the distressed bench at the foot of the bed, painted in Behr Hidden Meadow.  It introduces that element of surprise with the pop of green.

Built-ins benefit from a coat of paint and in this setting they help unify the wooden head and foot board all painted out in a creamy white. These tall towers also set off the back wall colour Behr Celery Bunch, and draw you eye toward the focal point of the room, the bed.

The panelled walls in Behr Lemon Grass stand out against the contrasting desk painted in the colour of coffee, or French Roast. Trimmed out with Egyptian Temple, this gold adds just enough detail and helps to marry the gold of the writing surface with the trim and hardware.

Sometimes, neutralizing a traditional night table with a coat of Behr Off White can convert the tonality of a room from traditional to contemporary. Creamy, off white palettes lighten up a space, which could otherwise be weighed down by dark wood, either in a dresser, or a fireplace mantel or built in bookcases. Even though this chest has been painted with Behr Dark Ash, is feels contemporary and could find a home in a foyer, bedroom, living room and many other places, for the most part, because of the paint treatment employed.

I’ve finally found a piece of furniture to paint which will make its home in my spare bedroom.  It’s a three drawer dresser which will double as a bedside table.  Now all I need to do is select the perfect colour and I’ll be able to tackle the project I’ve always wanted to undertake – all for the price of a gallon of paint!

Colourfully yours,



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