Spring Flower Styling

by Erika Woelfel

Living flowers add color and cheer to any room, making them one of my favorite decorative accessories. Traditionally, bouquets are enjoyed for special occasions – Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, weddings and birthdays – and very often come from a local florist shop. With inexpensive seasonal blooms available at many markets and grocery stores, a trend for flower arranging is coming back into vogue. 

From a DIY perspective, it is fun to experiment with different flower pairings to see what works and what doesn’t  For those who want more education and are willing to spend the time and money, garden shops and florists also offer classes to help enthusiasts create unique and professional looking arrangements.

The tools you need for flower arranging are simple: It is good to start with a collection of interesting vases in various shapes, sizes, styles and colors. They can be anything from formal crystal to vintage jars to yard sale finds—anything you find appealing. Next, it is good to have a good pair of garden shears for cutting thick or long stems to varying heights. And the most important item – an abundant quantity of fresh flowers from your local source! With a little imagination and inspiration, your arrangements can look just as good as the store-bought ones!

A vase or container is an integral part of any floral composition. Mismatched bottles grouped together add a casual touch.

And…a vase doesn’t have to be fancy! Anything can be used from recycled glass to colored soda bottles, cans, jam jars, old teapots or soup tureens. Use pieces of twine and ribbons to dress them up.

Single stems placed in separate vases is sometimes more interesting than one big arrangement in a single vase.

Proportion is important too – tiny flowers require tiny vases to hold them!

A grouping of live plants, small single stems and candles makes a compelling tabletop arrangement.

Roses are a timeless classic of the flower world and come in every color imaginable. Arranged formally or whimsically, they always make an elegant statement.

Neon bright flowers are very on-trend, being used for weddings and formal events to make an original statement. They can be tastefully arranged using corals, reds, hot pinks, bold purple, dark burgundy and touches of yellow or green to soften.

Light colored bouquets benefit from not having too much green or foliage showing to disrupt their fragile beauty.

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