Retro West

by Erika Woelfel


Ahhhh….it’s almost here…that time of year when a day stretches long past dinner in a hazy, glow-y, resplendent-summer-month kind of way. There is something indulgent about it, especially being in California where the weather is already nice enough. Now that days are  expanded (this being especially true in northern areas where a rouge of sunset can be seen at 10PM), it gives the impression that anything can be accomplished when you’re in the mood for adventure.

I will admit, my school days with fun-filled summer breaks are long, long gone. But the idea of having a carefree summer still lingers. During these months I’ll squeeze every ounce of fun out of a 2 or 3-day weekend. All activities are on the menu: road trips, camping outings, picnics at the beach and outdoor music festivals. There is a gypsy-wayfarer, bohemian vibe to these excursions. It feels good to be unplugged from the world for a moment or two, unavailable and unrestrained. The slower pace is attractive for many reasons (mostly that I can think without being interrupted by a continuous beep or buzz from my phone). Call me a nostalgic romantic but I just think it can be more fun this way…

It’s time to hit the road, capturing memories on an old school film camera.


It doesn’t matter how you get there, just do it in colorful style…


Music fests are the best places to see live music, but if you can’t make it to a show, many will say vinyl recordings carry the spirit of a more authentic sound.


Carnivals on the boardwalk inspire a vivid and wild summer palette: sunset orange, vintage green and  bright acid yellow.


A day at the beach includes coral, sky blue and light orchid.


Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy…!

Colorfully yours,




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