Refined Industrial

by Erika Woelfel

Ah, the loft life! It promises acres of uninterrupted living space, flooded with natural daylight. This is a dream come true for many, especially as new apartments and hi-rise condos are built with this aesthetic in mind.

Though simple forms, a neutral palette and sturdy materials like concrete, wood and metal are still the cornerstones of this appealing style, a refined approach is transforming the scene. Shapes are lighter and more curvaceous; tactility is a key ingredient. Smooth stone surfaces are veined, becoming the only detail on minimalist counter tops or back splashes. Wood is warm in tone and polished and clean rather than aged or weathered.

Gray and white are still mainstay colors for industrial interiors. Concrete walls are softened by hard wood floors, a round light fixture and table, and the curvaceous lines of Danish modern chairs.


The golden tone of this structured table makes a more approachable and inviting dining environment.


Black, white and wood tones. The ornate doors add Old World sophistication to this linear space.


It is sometimes those little details that make a big difference, and this is one of them. Minimalist filament light bulbs have replaced track lighting in many a remodeling project! They look great in groups and help define what can be an expansive overhead space in a loft.


Though furniture and accessories may be pared back to the bare essentials, accent colors bring a sense of cheer and friendliness to a sober loft space.


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