Popular Nursery Palettes

by Quinn Larson

We often get inquiries for colors associated with popular youth décor themes. For this entry I thought I would list some of the more popular nursery style themes their associated color palettes.


With the popularity of the color gray, we have seen several variations in combination with black and white. To baby-ize this color combinations we see them trending in pairings with shades of soft yellow and turquoise.

Shabby Baby

This is a great look for parents that have heirloom, or hand me down (aka-well loved pieces) they’d like to use in their little one’s room. A delicate and feminine style that is perfect for both little and, not so little girls.


This is the traditional color palette associated with babies. The classic versatility of this palette allows it to be masculine, feminine or unisex. You can

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easily update with the additional of modern color variations.


This is a popular palette for use in youth and adult rooms. These colors pair well with dark wood furnishings that have a classic or traditional style and masculine feel.


Moms of both sexes know what trains these are, and the colors associated with them. How can we not when they are called out in the theme tune? Bright and optimistic, this palette will resonate with your little one on many levels.

Surfer Chic

Mermaid, surfer, sailor or undersea explorer this tropical palette brings with it the vividness and warmth of summer. Supporting décor of ocean paraphernalia will

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help you transform your little one’s room into a mini oasis.

Wild West

For the little cowgirl or cowboy in your life this palette brings the dusty desert colors of the southwest. Warm and rich they are sure to spark your little buckaroo’s imagination for trailblazing adventures.

Fairy Fantasy

Favored by little girls, fairy color palettes are mystical and a little bit sassy. Sort of like that popular little fairy we all know and love.


With all the different princesses out there these days, the princess palette has become nice and varied. Bright and candy colored, it doesn’t get more sugary sweet than this, but they love it- so what can you do?


If your little one dreams of exploring distant planets and zooming through the galaxy on a spaceship, this is the palette for you. The endless expanse of black space is highlighted by bright pops of color from rockets, planets and stars.

Remember you can always add or reduce colors to make your palettes, customized to a specific character or theme. If your little one is a little bit older include them for a team project and intro into interior design lesson.

Colorfully yours,


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