Ombre Oreiller

by Quinn Larson

Ombre looks, or color gradients involving one or more colors, have taken the contemporary design scene by storm.  Creating these soothing and beautiful looks for your walls, furnishings or fabrics is easily attainable.

This entry will show how to create an ombre, dyed fabric look with a handful of items available at your local grocery store. 

Items needed:

Something to dye – for our demo we used a canvas pillow case. You can create this look with any white or light colored fabric item.

An empty spray bottle– you will be poring your alcohol in here.

Rubbing alcohol– this can be purchased at your local grocery store.  The amount needed will depend on the size of the item you are dying.  A bed sheet, for instance, would require more alcohol than a pillow case.

An area where you can hang your dyed item -the alcohol may drip off smaller items.  It’s advisable work somewhere with a surface that can be cleaned easily.

Permanent markers in the color/s of your choice -we used Sharpie® brand markers in their orange and pink pen colors.

Step 1:

Select a marker and begin coloring a line where you’d like your ombre look to disperse from.


Step 2:

Color the length of your item with your marker. Flip and color the back side, if desired.


Step 3:

When satisfied with the amount of color on your item, find a place to hang it up. For smaller pieces of fabric, the alcohol may run through the fabric and drip the dye on to the floor.  Lay some paper towels down beneath your work area to catch any potential drips.


Step 4:

Pour the alcohol into your spray bottle. Set to spray.


Step 5:

Spray your item with alcohol, working your way across the markered area.


Step 6:

Allow the alcohol to run the marker through your fabric piece. Spray with more alcohol as desired for effect.


Step 7:

Once dry, repeat steps 1-6 with your second color. If you are only using one color skip to Step 8.





Step 8:

Once the alcohol has evaporated, tumble fabric in a hot dryer for 15 minutes to set the dye, then launder.

Voilà, you have successfully created your very own custom colored ombre item!

Colorfully yours,


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