Nursery Colors to Avoid

by Quinn Larson

It may be one of the hardest color choices you make- what color to paint the nursery?  Many individuals struggle with selecting just the right shade.  There are many factors that may be considered before choosing the final color, making it overwhelming for some: Is this color appropriate for a boy or a girl? What will match the furniture? Will this color last a few years?  Will it match the rest of the house? What are color are beneficial for babies? How will I know if the color is too bright, light or dark? 

If I told you all the colors that are great to use in nurseries you would be reading this article for the next 5 hours.  Rather, to save time and the potential for selecting an un-ideal color, I’ll provide a much smaller list of nursery colors to avoid and the reasons why.

Clinical Greens

These are those mellow, muted, midtone greens that doctors love to paint their patient rooms, and we our bathrooms because they are supposed to be relaxing.  These might be great colors for your master bed, but they are hues better left out of the nursery.  Let’s dispel the myth, not all greens are relaxing, some can create environments that feel uncomfortable, cold and unfriendly.  Babies want simple stimulation in vivid, clean tones that are interesting and invigorating.  At this point in time, they lack the mental capacity to distinguish the subtle color complexities, complementary influences and metameric properties of surgical gown green.   So, stay your inner neutral loving hand when it comes to picking nursery greens and choose brighter, warmer tones.

Day Glow Brights

Yes, bright colors are stimulating and attractive to children; however you’ll want to put a stop to selecting the most vivid hues.  Bright colors grab attention and create interest in small controlled applications, but when applied over large surface areas they can become a visual assault on you and your child.   Save super bright color applications for accent use only- in fabrics, decals, or for one wall applications only.

Gray with no color

We know you love the clean, simplistic black, whites and grays of modern designs.  We know you’d like to instill an appreciation for this style into your child, and your plan to do so is with a nursery in a gray scheme.   Gray is an exceptionally versatile and hip neutral.   However, a gray monochromatic scheme, though cool and sophisticated looking to an adult, may seem lack luster and sterile for your child.  Gray is a color that should, for a nursery or child’s room, always be used in conjunction with vivid color.  Adding punches of color will keep the room lively and interesting for baby while still appearing modern and stylish for you.

Deep muted yellow-greens

Watch out for these tones to hit you with a twofold psychological whammy.  First, dirty yellow- green colors can make people feel sick.  Second, you probably want to avoid painting in any color that will be even slightly reminiscent of what might be found in your darling baby’s diaper.  Rather than a yellow-green, choose sides and select a green or a yellow.

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