New Year- New Colorfully Behr

by Quinn Larson


After a five year long run, we are saying “goodbye” to the old Colorfully Behr and, “hello” to a fresh look and updated format.  Read on to see all of the exciting, new features, and what there is to explore on Colorfully Behr 2.0.

New Title

old title

Colorfullybehr 1.0

animated title

Colorfully Behr 2.0

Our new title uses vivid color that can be changed and animated.

Homepage Layout


Colorfully Behr 1.0


Colorfully Behr 2.0

The new site has a modern look, with expanded navigation options, a clean white background and expanded side bar options.  The font size and image for the articles have been increased.

New Site Navigation


Colorfully Behr 2.0

Blog topics are now organized into the following categories:


– all entries relating to trends in color, interior and/or exterior design.


– articles focusing on specific colors, color families or color in combination.


– our “do-it-yourself” category containing all the project, and how to’s our team has undertaken.


– a bit of a catch all category featuring personal stories, of travel, color and lifestyle.

Updated color categories
old color search

Colorfully Behr 1.0


Colorfully Behr 2.0

Our “Search by Color” feature continues with the same six color families and one new addition- a family for neutrals.  When clicked the neutral icon will subdivide into the gray-black, white and brown color families.

New side bar navigation features


Colorfully Behr 1.0


Colorfully Behr 2.0

New side bar highlights include “color of the month”, “top posts” and “latest video” quick links.  Contributor information, access to the archive and ask a color expert have carried over.


Social media feeds have been expanded and included.

“Ask Erika” is now “Ask a Color Expert”

ask-and-expert-changes ask-erika

Colorfully Behr 1.0


Colorfully Behr 2.0

We have expanded our pool of experts to include all of the color and design experts here at Behr.  This will help us respond to your color inquiries in a timelier manner.  You can also search through the highlighted entries in hopes of finding a similar question to your own.

Changes to Archive 

archive-new-vs-old archive

Colorfully Behr 1.0


Colorfully Behr 2.0

The archive now is organized in calendar format and can be navigated as such.  When a year is selected the articles will be listed by the year and month they were written in along with their hero image and title.


About Colorfully Behr and it’s Contributors


Colorfully Behr 1.0



Colorfully Behr 2.0

We have included several more team members as contributing authors.  You can view our head shots, read our bios and link to the articles each of us has written.

New Blog URL

Our main website behr.com has taken Colorfully Behr  under it’s wing.  No longer an independent entity we have a new url:



A link to the new site can be accessed in the “Quick Links” section on behr.com.

Please take some time to explore our new blog site.  We hope you enjoy and if you do, please subscribe.

Colorfully yours,







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