New Office Color

by Erika Woelfel

A large department was moving to a new office suite and wanted color recommendations for their new space. The floor plan included a wing of offices, several conference rooms, an open cubicle space and a kitchen/dining area. The office manager wanted paint color that coordinated with the carpet and the fabrics chosen for cubicle walls. The color team wanted to bring in color that created a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for the people working there. The goal was to create a unified

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look for the open or public areas in the office.

areas. Spice and Intellectual are the two accents for columns and ceilings.

The starting point for color selections began with the existing carpet tiles. It was a dark gray pattern with green, red and purple squares. Windows surrounded on all sides, so much of the wall area that needed color were internal rooms and long corridors.

Cubicle walls are khaki green, wheat and rusty orange. All wall colors need to coordinate with these textiles.

A high ceiling was painted brick red and dark gray to add dimension to the space. Harvest Brown is the trim and wall color.

Columns were painted accent red, and ceilings a dark gray.

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