New Color Announcement!

by Erika Woelfel


Yesterday a leading global style and trending agency released its 2014 “It” color of the year: a bright magenta. This saturated, candy-sweet hue will find itself useful in many applications for home, fashion and cosmetics. 

Wilder than violet, flirtier than red but not as demure as pink, magenta is a great color for nearly all occasions. It easily transitions from winter to summer months and appeals to both sexes.

At this time of year, bright magenta happily lives on holiday ornaments and gift wrap. Use it with pink, lavender and violet tones for a festive look.

Not quite pink and not quite purple, magenta is a thoroughly modern accent. It pairs well with white, gray and black and looks good in a matte or metallic finish. As a fashion accessory it will give a little black dress a jolt of energy, or add a bit of va-voom! to a favorite pair of jeans.

The Behr equivalent – try it as an accent wall!


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