Mural Artist Brightens Up New Mexico Town

by Erika Woelfel

Our travels take us to Taos, New Mexico this week, where artist/architect David Vedoe uses BEHR PREMIUM PLUS to create amazing murals like the one you see above.

David has always done architectural illustrations, so for him the leap to mural artist was a simple one. His aim is to show people that they can use paint to change the look of a building in unpredictable ways. Rather than just changing the color of the walls or trim, one can lighten up an otherwise drab area by adding bursts of color such as flowers that remain in bloom even in the winter. It’s also possible to add architectural features like arches and trellises to a home using paint – and painting them is much less expensive than actually building them! David’s work helps his clients explore the more “wild and exciting” ways that paint can change the look and feel of their homes.

Mural Detail Shot

David draws his inspiration from the local landscape in Taos. The last thing he wants to do is create something that is “obnoxiously loud” compared to its surroundings.

David's Color Palette

Every color in David’s murals is made by blending these BEHR colors, unless his client specifically requests additional colors. He swears by PREMIUM PLUS because he can often work with just one coat.

Final Mural

David’s latest mural. Now his client doesn’t have a drab garage wall blocking the view from her front windows!


This should serve as a reminder to us all that there are more ways to change things up than just slapping a coat of paint on a wall! For more of David’s art, including murals and more, visit his blog at http://www.art-architecture.blogspot.com/

To preview these colors, or to find your perfect color, click here


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