Mother’s Day

by Quinn Larson

Mothers Day is right around the corner! Have you remembered to get a card, send some flowers or pick out something special for that one of a kind lady, your Mom?

Lacking a little inspiration? Perhaps you’ve asked your mom if

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she wanted anything, and she said something like, “Nothing darling, just seeing your smiling face is enough.” Here are some insider suggestions for gifts moms love.

Flowers. Unless one has an allergy, it’s pretty hard to go wrong with flowers. They are beautiful, colorful, compact and inexpensive. They can bring cheer into a gloomy environment and some even come with a lovely fragrance. Talk to some of your relatives, if you don’t already know, to find out your mom’s favorite flower and color. Flower markets often have out of season, hard to find flowers, so get your kiester up early and get that extra special bouquet for mom.

Designer Purses. Let me tell you a little secret, even women who are not that into purses, covet a well made, fashionable, designer handbag. Yes, it’s the truth. If you have the funds, drop by the mall and pick up a nice little something for your mommy. Let her proudly bask in the envious stares of other women admiring her purse- the cherished purse her little snuggles picked out for her no less! Remember they come in a myriad of shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find one that will suit her needs.

No not soap, though a lovely scented shower gel is always nice. I’m talking about a spa service. What better present is there than a tranquil afternoon being pampered and beautified? You know she is never going to do it for herself, so take the initiative and book a relaxing spa treatment for her then chauffer her to the appointment.

Your mother loves you unconditionally, so you don’t necessarily need to spend money on her to make her day. If you are a little short on funds, you could always plan a fun day trip picnic with a prepared lunch of her favorites, or you could return the favor she has done for you so many years now and clean the house or do the laundry.

You could also complete a household project you know she has been meaning to get done, like repainting a room of her choice. Freshen up her home with some bright and cheery spring colors.

The important thing is to make sure she knows you care and that you are thinking about her. Happy happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful mothers out there!

Colorfully Yours,


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