Mother’s Day 2013

by Quinn Larson

It’s that time of year again, the day we give special thanks to our lovely mothers for all their hard work, patience and devotion to us.  For this post we’d like to inspire those that are looking for a special something to present their moms with this mother’s day.   What is the “in” mom gifts this year? Trend hunting mom gift experts say, personalized presents that show you took the extra time and care to show your love.

Breakfast in bed

Think of all the mornings that mom got up and made you breakfast.  Was there anything better than waking up to find your mom fixing your favorite morning meal?  Return the favor by waking mom up with her favorite breakfast, or one you know she is sure to love.

Mom’s favorite confectionary –made with love! 

Does your mom have a sweet tooth?  How about making her a, “for mom only” confection?  Every mom is sure to appreciate the effort and thought put into making her a delicious treat.  Not a seasoned baker?  Have a special treat made, by a professional, but be sure to have them add a little something that makes it unique to your mom- even if it’s just the frosting in her favorite color.

Make her a card

You did when you were younger, why not now? Who cares if the results look the same as when you were five, moms don’t care.  She will love that you thought enough of her to dig out that old box of crayons and construction paper.

Let her sleep in

For this let your mom doze away the morning until she wakes up herself.  To achieve the full benefit of this gift the entire family, including the dog and cat need to be in on it.  This way mom will be able to sleep as long as she likes, without interruption.

Plan a day with Mom

More than anything mom’s just want to spend time with their families.  The simplest thing you might do for your mom is plan a fun outing together.  It doesn’t have to be an elaborate endeavor, take a bike ride together, plan a backyard picnic, drive out to the sea, or walk down to your local ice cream shop for a cone- your treat!

Colorfully yours,


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