Mixed Marbles

by Erika Woelfel


Marble has been used for centuries as a beautiful and durable building material. It is widely available, affordable and easy to work with. In the past 1o years, white marble counter tops and tile have been a trend in kitchens and bathrooms. All that is about to change!

Marble is now expanding its range in a bold mix of colors ranging from dark red to green, navy blue, yellow and apricot. Used on floors, walls and in decorative accessories, the colorful stone shows its beautiful versatility when cut into geometric shapes and intricate patterns. Combining it with other materials like wood and metal gives this classic stone an edgy new appeal. Here’s just a glimpse of how we’re seeing it used:

On the floor: The uses for marble are endless, especially considering the variety of colors available and that it can be cut to any shape and size.

As an accent: A black floral medallion is framed in an apricot and cream background.

To make a statement: Turquoise, navy and white and apricot tile turn an ordinary floor into something extraordinary.

in entry ways, but can be used anywhere in the house.

For decorative accessories: These streamlined vases are something any minimalist would love!


On the wall: Large pieces of marble create an interesting back drop in an office or dining room space.

In jewelry settings: Marble gets personal. Whether used in raw or polished form, the unique character of each stone comes through.


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