Making an Entrance

by Nancy Bollefer

Well, the kids are back in school and the weather is beginning to turn. September is the month many of us return to routines. And, getting organized always helps us stick to our busy schedules.

This is the time of year when the entranceway to our home shouldn’t be ignored. With the changing of the seasons, especially here in Canada, we start pulling out our boots, coats, hats and anything to keep us comfortable when venturing outside. Having a place for everything allows us to stay organized.


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Hide keys, scarves and gloves in a chest of drawers. Introduce fresh flowers. Your entryway can be beautiful and practical at the same time.


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Try built-ins for the ultimate functional space, with a place to sit and tie up your shoes, baskets to hide items and maintain order. Consider designating a coat hook for each member of your family.


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A back or side entranceway is usually more casual and relaxed, but having a system is still important. Even if this zone is not used by guests, storage is required to reduce the clutter. This space is often neglected. Ironically, it’s the place for hello and goodbye, where we spend lots of time coming and going. So, don’t overlook the ways in which you can inject some style in addition to functionality.


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The entranceway is the threshold to your “home sweet home” where we drop everything from the outside world and enter into a place we love. Nothing says “welcome home” like an inviting entrance.

Colourfully yours,


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