How to Make an Up-Cycled Bed and Headboard

by Rob Hellander

We’ve been seeing a lot of quick and creative ways to make furniture with salvaged materials. Inspired at how fresh and cool these pieces look, we scrounged around our loading docks, local tire shops and hardware stores for materials we might use to create projects of our own. Here is what we found: a few pallets, old tires, a 4×8 sheet of pegboard and some yarn. And, what we built- a modern and fun bedroom.

Here are the steps and materials needed to create a bed and headboard out of up cycled materials.

Pallet Bed

Tools – electric sander if your pallets are too rough (optional)

– sand paper

– paint brush

Materials – 8 x wooden pallets (large enough for the size of mattress you have)

– Your choice of paint or stain (we used a solid color stain)

– Primer if you are using paint

Paint pallets (prime pallets first if you are painting)


Pegboard Headboard
Tools needed:
– Craft needle
– Paint roller
– Paint brush
– Paint tray with liner for easy clean up
– Finishing nails and hammer or brad gun
Materials needed:
– 4×8 sheet of pegboard (preferably pre primed)
– Thick yarn (any color desired)
– 2 ea.75×1.5”x8’ pre-primed lumber
– Your choice of paint colors (one for pegboard and one for trim pieces)


Step 1: Paint pegboard with roller (prime first if needed)


Step 2: Paint trim pieces

Step 3: Weave your headboard pattern
Plan a design on pegboard and using your craft needle and yarn sew as you would a needlepoint picture.


Step 4: Attach Trim

Attach the pegboard and trim directly to the wall using finish nails or a brad gun. Nail through the trim into the pegboard going into the wall.

Step 5: Stack pallets
Align your pallets under your headboard and stack as high as you’d like your bed to be.


Step 6: Set up bed

Move your mattress on top of pallets and make bed!

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