Love that Red!

by Erika Woelfel

For red lovers of the world – this is your moment. You have permission to wear as much red as you like today!

Whether you’re going out on the town to celebrate the most romantic day of the year or staying in to keep those home fires burning, be sure red is part of your palette. And remember, painting is a great project for couples! Tell your honey a red wall is just what you need to warm up a room on these cold winter days!

Red can sometimes be a tricky to use because it likes to take center stage. It always needs another color to help balance it out or its dynamic energy will overwhelm a room. Used in small doses on an accent wall, or with “relief” colors like white and black, you will fall in love with your red room over and over again…

White is red’s best friend. So is black. A good tip to remember: If red is your background, make sure white is in your foreground.


Flipping the scenario: If white is in your background, red works well in your foreground.


Painting is a great project for couples! Some very bright reds may require a tinted primer and/or multiple coats when applied to a wall. BEHR Ultra® offers some lovely reds in a paint and primer in one product that will help save you time and money!


A cherry red table top (California Poppy)  in a black dining room creates a theatrical mood!


Some of my favorite Behr reds!


Colorfully yours,



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