Life at Cloverhill: Restoring a 1903 Farmhouse

by Erika Woelfel

Amanda Gordon of Life at Cloverhill is a returning BEHR DIY Expert for 2015 and shares her adventures in making a home with her husband in their 1903 farmhouse in rural Ontario, Canada. They have been spending the summer working on the exterior of the farmhouse and are excitedly sharing the updates this week on her blog.

When my husband and I first saw our 20th– century farmhouse, we fell in love with its Georgian architecture and symmetry. The house had great structure and clean lines, but after years of neglect it was in need of some serious updates to the exterior.



There was a twisted beam, odd posts, lattice fencing, sunken concrete steps, an overgrown garden and dirty old stucco. It was definitely in need of some curb appeal, but with some planning and hard work, we were able to revitalize the exterior this summer with some of our favourite Behr Paint products.


There is still some work to be done on the porch, but we’ve already seen a huge improvement! This week on my blog I’ve been sharing some of the projects that we’ve taken on during the weekends to bring our dream home to life.



The weary stucco of our farmhouse looked dirty and rough and we were worried it would have to be restored or replaced.


Thankfully, we learned about BEHR Masonry, Stucco & Brick Paint and were able to give the house a fresh and clean finish. The paint filled in many of the smaller cracks and holes that had developed over time, making the stucco look new.


We were concerned about how the wooden window frames would hold up to repairs and paint. We scraped 112 years of paint off of them, pulling out many nails and staples along the way.


Some new caulking and a fresh coat of BEHR MARQUEE Exterior Semi-Gloss Paint & Primer for the frames and stucco paint on the windowsills gave everything a revitalized look.



With odd-sized windows, it would have cost us a fortune to have custom board and batten shutters made for the 17 windows around the farmhouse. By building, priming and painting them ourselves, we were able to keep costs low while still getting the high-style look we were aiming for.


After I painted them with BEHR MARQUEE Exterior Paint & Primer in Limousine Leather, my husband and father worked together to drill them into the concrete walls.



As the only original outbuilding remaining, the Spring House was important for us to preserve. We’re just using it as a shed, but there is no reason not to freshen it up with the rest of the house!


By installing antique window frames and using the same stucco paint and exterior paint as the house, we gave it an updated look while keeping all the rustic charm that we love about it.


Our chickens sure seem happy to have a freshly painted space to run around in!



Be sure to stop by Life at Cloverhill tomorrow to see the final reveal, as I share the screen door we salvaged from the spring house and discuss our future plans for the porch, including a new ceiling and staining our concrete floor. Thanks!

Amanda Gordon, Life at Cloverhill

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