Let’s Get Ready to Paint!

by Quinn Larson

Spring is here, the snow has melted, trees have started blooming and it’s time to take action on those interior and exterior painting projects you spent all winter thinking about.   Luckily for you, The Home Depot® is hosting $1 off select 8 oz. BEHR paint samples!  Color samples are the unsung heroes of color selection.  Better than any tool, recommendation or methodology, placing the color on the wall and living with it is the surefire way to select the perfect color for your home.

Need a little project motivation?  We’ve pulled the below five inspirational ideas for adding some color into your home.     

Adding Accents

This bathroom is a great example of an accent color being low-impact while still providing balance and dimension in a room. Using a brighter and more toned version of the same color will create this kind of subtle and interesting effect.

Inspired? Preview and coordinate these colors.

The Right Light

Tired of white, but not the light and airy feeling it imparts?  You might want to consider a jump to pastels.  These soft and delicate colors come in all degrees of vividness from bright to muted.

Inspired? Preview and coordinate these colors.

Trim of a Different Color  

There is no hard-set rule that says your trim and molding must be a shade of white.  Using a color in place of a white can add elegance and intrigue.

Inspired? Preview and coordinate these colors.

Excite your Entry

The first impression one gets of your home is the entry.  Using color in this place can set a tone of welcome for both you and your guests.

Inspired? Preview and coordinate these colors.

Two Tone Walls

Walls divided by moldings are perfect for creating a two color look.  Lighter and darker tones of the same color, or a neutral with a color are combinations that work well for this design.

Inspired? Preview and coordinate these colors.

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