Let Your Nails Shine!

by Erika Woelfel

While many add colorful jewelry to spruce up an outfit, my favorite color accessory is nail polish. It’s inexpensive, the formulas dry quickly, and new colors come out all the time. I just can’t seem to get enough. No matter how many bottles I give away to keep the storage containers from overflowing, I always end up feeling like a nail polish hoarder! 

Last year my go-to color of the season was silver bell silver. This year I’m in love with pure matte white. It’s a nice clean look; it has a retro London-in-the-60s, Twiggy-esque vibe to it. My nails now remind me of fresh snow.

In addition to an avalanche of colorful patterns, textures and frosted looks this season, heavy glitter polishes are one of the biggest trends we’re seeing in nail art.

Red is one of the top selling holiday colors, ranging from cherry to wine tone.

Green is a popular color as well, ranging from acid green to forest to emerald.

Glossy black nails are positioned to accompany colorful clothing and wild patterns.

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