Knitted Art

by Erika Woelfel



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is a popular hobby, especially as the autumn season approaches and thoughts of cozy hats, mittens and sweaters comes to mind. However, what if knitting takes on the form of a public installation where trees, buses, bridges and everyday objects are transformed with a colorful knit jacket? Welcome to the colorful world of yarn bombing (also called knit bombing).

The yarn bomb movement has been around for several years, and the jury is still out: Is it graffiti? Is it art? Is it a craft, a hobby or is it just more colorful urban clutter? Once believed to be a subversive act, public yarn bombing is now something that helps build community in towns across the country and is sometimes funded by local governments. Like many creative endeavors, knitters may be independent or unite

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in groups to fundraise, promote a cause or make a statement.

My first yarn bomb sighting took place about a year ago in the Costa Mesa

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outdoor shopping center called The Camp. The last thing I expected to see walking down the sidewalk were lamp posts wrapped in what looked like tall knit stockings. Later I started to see everyday objects like deco items and tech accessories in their own yarn cozies, whether they needed them or not…






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