Industrial Chic DIY Clothing Rack

by Deanna Torrez

“Industrial meets chic”, is a rustic look with a feminine feel and trendy twist. I have always appreciated clever re-purposing ideas, such as piping being used for décor rather than its original pluming uses. There are so many things you can do with pipes, besides plumbing,  it is amazing! So for this project I set out, to give pipes a fresh innovative appeal as a portable clothing rack.

This can be built by simply buying metal pipes at your local hardware store and turning an old bookcase into a beautiful washed rolling cart for the piping rack.


Semitransparent stain

3-4 paint colors

Sea Sponge

Paint brushes

Shop rag

4- 6 inch pipes

4- 3 inch pipes

6- 90 degree elbows

2- T’s

4- Flanges

3- 36 inch pipes

4- 4 inch Industrial wheels


Power drill

Step 1: Assemble the rack frame

Simply assemble each piece by hand by twisting to the right to tighten.



Step 2: Stain the rack shelves

I started by applying one coat of semi transparent wood stain Cordovan Brown ST-104 over the whole wooden case with a 2 inch painting brush. I allowed it a day to completely dry.



Step 3: Color wash shelves

I began to apply a color wash to the shelves in French Silver PPU18-10 -flat finish. Using a 3 inch brush, I dry brushed large strokes on the top of the wooden case, back and sides. As I dry brushed, I blended the paint with the stain on the rag. I also dry brushed a little bit of the semi transparent stain so it would appear a little more worn and rustic.



Step 4: Paint crates

Crates were purchased at a local Home Depot. I thought it would be fun to make them a colorful accent with a cool distressed paint design.

I stated by painting the face of the create with the color Plumville N120-5.  When dry I dabbled a little of the French Silver over the Plumville with a wet sponge. I worked quickly first applying the color in side to side movements so it would mix into the pink color seamlessly.  I repeated this technique with Carbon N520-7 a black paint.



Step 5: Assemble rack

Lastly using a drill, bolt down the wheels on the bottom and the pipe to the wooden case and it is a complete look.

Finish it off with some décor on top and dress it up any way that fits your own personal style.


Colorfully Yours,


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