IN-door Color

by Erika Woelfel

Painting an interior door with color is a great way to add impact to your decor, changing a room from drab to dynamic!


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for painted door success:

1. Make sure the color you choose for the door isn’t a big contrast with the walls or it will stand out too much. If you have neutral walls, choose a neutral color in a lighter or darker shade. Bold wall colors will benefit from a door painted in a bold shade.

2. Coordinate your room by pulling door colors from artwork, upholstery fabric or other accent pieces.

3. Be sure to paint the frame so the door doesn’t look like it is floating.

4. A semi-gloss paint makes it easier to clean up fingerprints and smudges.

See below gallery below for more ideas, and how different color doors can dramatically change the look and feel of a room:


Matching door details to colors found on bedding is a stylish way to “finish” a room.


A door color helps transition you from indoors to outdoors. Which color do you like best, the blue or the green?


A lighter color hides the door, while a darker color makes it more of a focal point.


Optical illusions happen with doors at the end of a hallway. The black door on the left creates an illusion of greater depth. The red door seems to advance forward in the yellow hallway (Jackfruit PPU6-7), making the space appear shorter.


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