Hot Combinations for 2013

by Erika Woelfel

Aside from the 2013 trend colors happening right now out there, there are also new color combinations that you may see more as we get move towards the spring/summer fashion season. A key to the new: hot clashing brights, and no-holds-barred primaries!

Cool and warm primaries: Because blue is such a popular color family right now, its complement yellow is going strong as well.

Yellow is considered a positive color. Use yellow accents to warm up a blue space.

Red heats up when combined with brilliant purple for fashion or interior products. Red is a popular color for interiors because it is stimulating and makes a profound statement.

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is a color that wakes us up, and keeps us on our toes.

This summer, look for turquoise, red and purple to be a show-stopper for fashion accessories.

Red mixed with turquoise gives this retro dining room a dynamic jolt of energy.

Colorfully yours,


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