Holiday Color Traditions

by Erika Woelfel

How can it be that time of year again? It seems I just put away that Christmas tree, and now I’m looking for the decorations again! Sorting through the ornaments, wreaths, runners, figurines and centerpieces brings back memories of holiday trends from years gone by: copper garland from the early 2000s, a wreath with peach raffia when everything was done in pastels; somber owls carved in pear-shaped gourds, tiny hand-knit sweaters on gold hooks, porcelain angels with satin bows, a bird house made from birch bark….and now a set of clear glass balls filled with bird feathers…yeah…Yeah! If I were to pick a theme, it definitely takes on an avian motif. This mismatched menagerie looks nothing like the matched ornaments found on decorated trees in local retail stores. Of all the things I love about this time of year, decorating the tree is top of the list. Luckily there is no rule that tells you how to decorate or how long to keep it up. I’ll leave it out until well past New Years, just because the decorations represent so many memories of years gone by.

So holiday color trends may come and go—aqua and purple seems to be of the moment this year, but I like sticking to the classics.

Dark garnet and berry red appear in tartan plaids table runners, pomegranate punch, spicy scented candles, brilliant poinsettias, velvet ribbons, and a certain jolly elf driving eight reindeer! Jewel-colored candy bowls full of chocolate covered cherries and peppermint candy take your breath away. You can taste the flavor in each color you see!

Nothing glitters like gold at holiday time.

Captured by firelight or candlelight, gold is a lovely accent for holiday jewel tones such as navy, burgundy or pine green. Pair gilded dinnerware with pearly white linens to make a glamorous and formal statement for entertaining guests. Spicy gold and nutmeg brown creates a more eclectic point of view!

Today’s holiday greens range from dark to bright to yellow-based olive tones.

What color do you envision when you smell a pine scented candle this time of year? Chances are its dark green! The holiday palette wouldn’t be the same without the range of green that come in the form of wreaths, pine boughs, centerpieces and of course—real and fake Christmas trees. Decorating trees dates back to ancient European times when evergreens symbolized abundance and a good harvest. Today they are cheerful reminders of hope, love and happiness. Green is the natural complement of red on the color wheel, which is why they are so very often seen together and remind us of this festive time of year.

Happy holidays everyone, enjoy the season!

Colorfully Yours,


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