Give Thanks for Color!

by Quinn Larson

With the hours of recipe and meal preparation, your Thanksgiving dinner is bound to be a hit—but have you thought about the table itself? If your decor leaves something to be desired, try this quick DIY Mason jar centerpiece. Not only will it provide a visual feast for your guests, but it will also keep the spirit of gratitude and thankfulness front and center as you enjoy your meal.


Materials Needed:

6 Mason jars (6)

1-6 Paint Colors (we used Butter Crème BIC-28)

Burlap Ribbon

Wooden Letters

1/4 yds. Fabric

Decorative Ribbon

Glue Gun or Tacky Glue

Fresh or Silk Flowers


  1. Paint the wooden letters and let dry completely.
  2. Pour some paint inside each jar. To coat, swirl by hand or use a paint brush to cover the entire interior surface. Pour out any excess. Allow to dry completely.


  1. Measure and cut strips of burlap ribbon to circle each jar. Cut two strips of decorative ribbon to match for each jar. Cut out 6 circles from your fabric for each jar, the diameter should match the width of your ribbon.


4.  Wrap the burlap ribbon around each jar and seal the seam with glue. Repeat with your decorative ribbon to create two stripes near the top and bottom of your burlap ribbon.


5.  Glue your wooden letters to the circles of fabric and glue in the center of the burlap ribbon on each jar.


6.  When completely dry, fill with flowers or seasonal botanicals and display


Colorfully Yours,



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