Colorful Handmade Gifts for Mother’s Day

by Quinn Larson

Many of us have very special ladies in our lives.  Women who have supported us through difficult times, given us guidance and cared for us, with want of nothing in return.  Whether this lady is your mom, or someone who has always been there, show her that you appreciate all she has done this mother’s day holiday.

If you are finding it difficult to find the right gift, why not make something? We have a couple of moms here who love plants, so we decided our gift would be handmade, colorful, succulent pots with macrame hangers.

Materials needed:

Flower pots – assorted sizes

Paint- 1 or more colors (we used: Island Dream MQ4-20, Cameo White MQ3-32 and Misty Isle MQ3-19)

Plants- flowers or succulents

Potting soil

Paint brush



Beads (optional)

Masking tape

Step 1: Paint your pots

With your paint brush and selected color/s paint the outside of the flower pots. Allow to dry 2 hours.  Apply second coat if desired/necessary.


Step 2: Measure out yarn

Measure out twelve, four foot lengths of yarn.


Step 3: Tie off one end

Gather yarn ends and tie a knot at one end.  Make sure the lengths of yarn are even before doing so.


Step 4: Create yarn sections

Make 6 pairs of the yarn lengths.


Step 5: Tie a knot in each pair

For each pair tie a square knot 5cm from your first knot.


Step 6: Create new yarn sections

Pair adjacent yarn strands to create 6 new pairs.


Step 7 (with beads): Tape off ends of your yarn strands

Tape off the ends of your yarn strands.  Doing this will make it easier to slide the beads onto the yarn.


Step 7.1: Slide on beads

Slide the beads down so they are 12cm above your knots.


Step 7 (no beads): Tie seconds set of knots

If you don’t want to use beads you can tie knots in their place. Repeat step 5, but tie your not 12cm from the last knot you made.

Step 8: Tie a knot at the top

Tie the loose ends together with another knot at the top.


Step 9: Pot your plants

Place your plants in the pots and fill with dirt as needed.


Step 10: Hang Pots

Place your pots into your macrame hanger.  Be sure to support your pot until it’s properly supported.


Present to your gift, handmade with love, to that special lady!

Colorfully yours,







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