Gift of Goodies 2014

by Quinn Larson

The color marketing department here at Behr has a bit of tradition.  Every holiday season we participate in a goodie exchange.  Each member of the department makes something sweet and tasty, we then photograph our creations, share our recipes with one another and exchange. 

This year we themed our exchange and opened the participation up to other departments- The theme: Adorable Cookies.  The rules: Only adorable cookies allowed.  The results: Delicious adorableness and fun!  Please enjoy and be inspired by our 2014 Gift of Goodies exchange.

Diana’s Sugar Cookie Polar Bears

Neli’s Choco Dipped Santa Hats

Irene’s Penguin Macarons

Rudy’s Christmas in Coruscant

Karen’s Everyone Loves a Little Christmas Unicorn Poop Cookies

Regina’s Dazzling Sugar Buttons

Quinn’s Bears in a Bubble Bath

Cindy’s Melting Snowmen

Jerminia’s Gingerbread Men and Reindeers

Chanda’s Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Reindeers

Erika’s Snugly Nutter Butter Santa’s

Dhusdee’s Mini Iced Christmas Cookies

Rudy’s Cookie Christmas Tree


Happy baking!

Colorfully yours,



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