Father’s Day

by Quinn Larson

Father’s day this year falls on Sunday June 17th, which doesn’t give you much time to think of something to do.  Men, especially fathers, can be very difficult to plan and/or shop for.  Being creatures of action, they don’t really talk about the things they want; rather they go out and buy, or do them. Every now and then, however, they do drop hints of things they might like.  These subtle suggestions surface in casual situations, and never with the intent of tipping you off to something they would like.  You must learn to keep your eyes and ears open to catch them.  Here are some examples of subtle suggestions that would make great gift for the father in your life. 

Man hint-Food:  You can’t go wrong with guys and food.  Think of a time when he mentioned a food he was craving, or meal somewhere he really enjoyed. Maybe he has a favorite hard to find snack item, or loves a dish you only make around the holidays.  You could conduct a little research on popular man eateries in your area and surprise him with a trip.

Man hint-Sports: Has he been religiously watching MLB games on TV? Has he told you he will be unavailable Sunday afternoon as he will be watching the football game?  Did he take a good hard look at that basketball jersey while you were out shopping last weekend? How about tickets to see a favorite sporting event with the whole family? Or if he plays a sport, a new piece of equipment.

Man hint-Cars:  Did he frown ever so slightly when regarding the dustiness of his ride? Perhaps he apologized with embarrassment at the messy state of his car when you two were out the other day. Take his car to the auto spa for a deluxe detailing.  Have them spray a bit of new car smell and voilà- you’ll have his car sparkling and feeling just like new.  If you’re short on funds this is great thing to do yourself.

Man hint- Play dates:  Was he silently lamenting that you told him you had zero interest in seeing that new Sci-Fi movie, going to a car show or participating in a sea fishing trip? You know he really wants to go, so set up a “playdate” with one of his best buddies who shares his interests- your treat.

Man hint- tools:  If he wants a tool, by all means get him one.  If it is something he needs to complete a project of his own inclination, then the gift I’m sure will be greatly appreciated.  Be careful not to present him a tool you know he needs to complete one of your projects.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas about thoughtful gifts to present the loving and wonderful father in your life. To all you dad’s out there, Happy Father’s Day!

Colorfully Yours,



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