Father’s Day 2013

by Quinn Larson

It’s here again, the day we say thanks to the number one man in our lives, good ol’ dad.  I’m sure you’ve thought of the perfect way to show your love and thanks…but if you haven’t, worry not! I’ve taken the liberty of researching some genuine ways to let Dad know he’s your personal super star.


You don’t like to admit it to your friends, but you have to admit it.  Your dad is a bit of a gamer nerd.  Yes, dad loves to spend any free moment he has running touchdowns, sniping behind enemy lines, or practicing his broadsword techniques hunting goblins in forgotten ruins.  Has he been reading up on game reviews of that new release of his favorite game?  Why not give in, get it for him, and relinquish the game consul for a few hours.  If it’s a two person game and you are a bit of gamer yourself, you could face off and maybe, just this once, let him win.


Does your dad like to putter about in the yard and dig in the dirt? Garden related gifts might be just the thing! You could buy him some new fancy equipment or, better yet, help him get his garden ready for the summer.  Together you can rake, weed and plant to create a space you can continue to enjoy throughout the blooming and fruiting seasons together.   


Does your dad love outdoor activities?  Why not dig out that old tent and plan a camping trip?  Or, you could treat him to that new fangled, do it all, piece of equipment that every outdoors man should have.

Peace loving-dad

Your dad works hard.  If he isn’t doing something for you, or your mom he is probably working on a house project or washing the cars.  Maybe the most appreciated gift for your dad would be an afternoon off.  Let dad kick off his shoes and nap the day away while you take care of things for him.


Most dads probably don’t expect anything special at all.  A day of fun and play with their families may be just the right thing to make him happiest.

To all the spectacular dads out there, Happy Father’s Day!

Colorfully yours,


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