Eclectic Dining Room Chairs

by Erika Woelfel

Looking for a short-cut to a casual, eclectic dining room? Try this mix-and-match approach to dining room chairs! It all adds up to a unique way to bring personality to your home. It’s as easy as pairing different chairs of the same color, or painting the same chairs a different color. But why not take it a bit further and experiment with unrelated chair shapes and upholstery treatments to really make a statement? Beyond painted cafe chairs and benches made from reclaimed lumber, we’re seeing high stools belly up to bars for a fast-food experience, and sofas cozy up lounge-style to long farmhouse tables.

This fun and playful trend started in cafes, restaurants and coffee shops around the world, but works just as well at home. The best part? Any variation of style and color works! Vintage finds easily transform to suit anyone’s taste with a coat of paint. Formal chair classics feel right at home with a modern chair accompaniment. With holiday entertaining right around the corner, your dining room might enjoy a little walk on the eclectic side…

Upholstered chairs give an elegant, upscale look to a grouping that includes a bench and ottomans.

For a more formal feel, black chairs feel right at home with this wooden table.


Surprise! A chair with unique upholstery can be the reserved seat for special guest in this modern dining area. It is all part of the fun!

A group of chairs from vastly different decorating periods sets the stage for whimsy.

A rustic bench sits in with galvanized metal chairs in this modern take on farmhouse seating.

As rooms become more multi-functional, a sofa seat in the kitchen area blurs the boundary between the dining room and sitting room space.

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