Earth Tones for Kids

by Quinn Larson

You love earth tones- rich, natural and subtle they make you feel happy. You’d like to incorporate them into your child’s room color scheme, but don’t want it to be drab, boring or feel too mature. ‘Can earth tones feel young and exciting?’ you wonder.
Earth tones are more than just light or dark variations of brown (though that is what most of us think when someone mentions the word “earth tones”). They actually span the rainbow of color families and, depending on the colors they are paired with, can have classic or trendy appearance.

Unexpected Combinations

The secret to creating fun palettes with earth tones is the colors and combinations they are used in. Palettes with a trendier feel will pair unexpected colors together, or throw in an accent that is nontraditional for the scheme. The above image is a complimentary color scheme of green and red (earth tone style) with gray added as the “color punch”. To tie your accent in make sure it is repeated in several locations throughout the room.

Color is Vital

Color is vital to keeping the room looking young and fun.  Look for the muted and chalky variants of the colors you are interested in.  When painted, these colors will exert a softer presence than their brighter counterparts and are very livable- for parents and kids alike.

Adding Accents

If you are still feeling a little uneasy about painting in strong color, don’t fret. You can keep your walls in neutrals, if you are willing to go a little bolder with your accents. Furnishings, fabrics and accessories are an easy, non permanent means for bringing in bright or intense pops of color. As your child matures and their interests change, you can update the color scheme by adding new accents.

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  1. CB says:

    Glad to see blue included in an “earth tone” pallet.

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