Dreamy Bathroom Trends

by Nancy Bollefer


Need to take a moment for yourself? What better way than the bath.

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It’s a simple pleasure, which for many becomes a ritual which washes away the stresses of the day. And, now the free-standing bathtub elevates the bath experience to a new level. Increasingly popular, these stylish bathtubs have become statement pieces, in essence, where form and function live in harmony.

Bathrooms have certainly evolved. Imagine soaking in the egg-shaped beauty above, gazing out at the stunning views. What’s inspiring too, is the vast amount of ways in which one can treat a bathroom space, along with the abundant choices in finishes and fixtures.

The “white” bathroom makes a statement in and of itself, with its pure, tone-on-tone approach to design. However, experimenting with hues on the bolder side of colour should not be overlooked. Because this room is usually tucked behind a closed door, one can readily employ the use of colour. Consider instilling a dash of drama with a hue you crave, such as Behr “Delicious Berry.”

How stunning are these bathrooms? Layered light filters through windows, casting interesting shadows.

Notice how striking a rich colour appears in an enclosed space, set against the architectural embellishment of the white ceiling and grey wainscoting.

Even though this ceiling appears to be painted a soft green, it’s actually the colour from outdoor greenery reflecting onto the ceiling. So…why not bathe your ceiling in colour to acquire this serene tonality?


Sometimes playing with proportions lends character. The high height of the paneled walls is interesting. Virtually any hue applied on the top segment of walls would work in this setting.

This minimalist bathroom has a warm, appealing personality. The deeper tone of the walls establishes the ambiance.

Try visualizing these rooms without colour!

So, start dreaming in colours which appeal to you. Find a good book and make time for a bubble bath.

Colourfully yours,



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