DIY House Numbers Project

by Erika Woelfel

Last week on Facebook, we promised to show you how to create a painted house number and key display like the one we posted. Well, here it is in six easy steps!

Behr_DIYDoorNumbers_1 frame

What You’ll Need:


Number stencil

BEHR® paint (sample size or leftover gallon). We used Blue Clay T15-16

Small roller brush and mini roller tray

Shadow box frame

Door key

Paper towels

Ribbon or yarn

Long pearlized sewing pins




Behr_DIYDoorNumbers_2 frame

1 Pour paint in drip pan. Prep roller brush with a little bit of water and then saturate with paint. Set aside.

Behr_DIYDoorNumbers_3 frame

2 Layout stencil on cardstock. Use roller brush and carefully roll paint over the number stencil.

Behr_DIYDoorNumbers_4 frame

3 Carefully peel off stencil to reveal the painted number on the clean page. Repeat for each number.

Behr_DIYDoorNumbers_7 frame

4 Once dry, cut out each number and pin to shadow box with pearlized sewing pins.

Behr_DIYDoorNumbers_6 frame

5 Use the roller brush to cover the key in paint, on one side only. Set aside and let dry.

Behr_DIYDoorNumbers_8 frame

6 Once the key is dry, loop the ribbon or yarn through keyholes and tie in a bow, creating a two-inch loop.

Behr_DIYDoorNumbers_9 frame

7 Fasten key under the painted numbers with another pearlized sewing pin, pinned through the bow. You’re now ready to display!


I hope you had as much fun creating this project as we did!


Colorfully Yours,



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