DIY Painted Easter Vases Project

by Erika Woelfel

Easter can be messy. Whether it’s the hard-boiled eggs from the morning Easter egg hunt (one inevitably breaks!) or that infernal plastic Easter grass (seriously, does anything else besides glitter get everywhere more easily?), Easter morning memories too often give way to Easter afternoon cleanup. If you’re like me and you want to decorate your home for the holiday but would rather keep the mess outside, try these DIY painted vases.

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What You’ll Need:

BEHR paint in spring colors (sample size or leftover gallon). We used Heavenly Song 240C-2, Honey Tone 360C-3 and Peach Damask 240C-3

Funnel (optional)

Paper towels

Wax paper

Cardboard, plastic, or newspaper

Glass vases



1 Clean glass vases and let dry.

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2 Pour paint in glass vases, using funnel if needed. Spin vases slowly to allow paint to fully coat interiors.

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3 Allow excess paint to drain by placing vases upside down on either cardboard, plastic or newspaper.

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4 Once excess paint has drained, place vases upside down on wax paper and allow to fully dry overnight.

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5 Once dry, use as décor for an Easter table setting and enjoy!


The thing I like most about this project is that once the paint is done drying, you can simply roll up the plastic or cardboard and erase the evidence. Of course if you’d rather vacuum up Easter grass from now until Memorial Day, there’s always that option too!


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