DIY- Custom Lens Case

by Rudy Rodriguez

With a passion for photography, I’ve accumulated a myriad of camera gear over the years.  My lenses, especially, have become cluttered and disorganized. After out growing several camera bags I decided I needed a solution to keep them organized, protected and easily accessible.

I had some wooden crates left over from a recent photo shoot, and thought I could put them to better use than just collecting dust in the corner. At that moment project, “Custom Lens Crate” was born!

I ordered some pick and pull foam from an online retailer. I picked up foam padding, label and letter/number decals from a local craft store. For paint I used a sample jar of interior eggshell paint.


• Pick and Pull Foam
• Foam Rubber Sheets
• Wooden Crates (or any container you prefer)
• Paint
• Painting Supplies (brush, mini roller and mini sponge brush)
• Pins, decals and labels (optional)


Step 1: Paint boxes

I used the mini roller for the large areas and the sponge brush for the corners and details.

I painted the inside top edge of the box just in case it happened to show through after I added my foam.




Box color: Blue Metal HDC-AC-25

Step 2: Measure and fit foam sheet liner

I measured the inside dimensions of my box and cut the foam liner to fit. The liner should just drop in easily.




Step 3: Measure and fit foam padding:

I placed the entire sheet of foam over the box to get an idea of how much i needed to trim. Then i just pulled off the excess foam until it was slightly larger than the inside of my box.

I placed the first layer of pick and pull foam on top of the foam liner. I trimmed a second layer of foam and placed it on top of the bottom layer.





Step 4: Arrange lenses

I arranged a few lenses on top of the foam to measure how much foam I would need to pull out to allow for a snug fit. Then I simply ripped apart the foam.

Try to keep the foam in solid pieces because it will be easier to work with. You can save the pulled pieces for later use or to redesign your box to accommodate more or different gear later.



Step 5: Put your display together

Add your gear and label where each piece belongs. so you know what belongs. You are now ready to display your artfully organized lens case with pride.


Colorfully Yours,

-Rudy 🙂

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