Coloring Christmas

by Quinn Larson

The holidays are a mystical time for youngsters and adults alike. Glittering decorations, massive feasts, mystical legends, and of course family holiday traditions, make this time of year especially memorable. When I look back at my youth it is the remembrance of family traditions that make me feel most nostalgic about the holiday season. 

As a newlywed, I decided to start a new family tradition of my own. Inspired by the wonderfully colored retail windows I decided to showcase a new color scheme for Christmas each year. Every year after the holiday has ended; we select a new color theme for the following year. My husband begrudgingly agreed (extra Christmas shopping is never a welcome addition). Several years in, however, he now enjoys the creativity, and fun involved in designing a theme.

Below are the past 4 years of Christmas color themes.

The first year we decided on red and gold, however with little money to spend on decorations, we had to supplement the tree baubles with hand me down ornaments and whatever else we could find to fill the branches.

The second year we did a color combination of gold, olive and black. Yes, I did say black- used as very subtle accent it complimented the gold nicely.

The third year we went with a more modern and playful look in white and turquoise.

This year we decided the theme was candy cane, red and white- delicious and beautiful.

With all the trendy decoration colors out today, the combinations for mixing and matching are virtually endless.  Happy and colorful holidays!

Colorfully yours,


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