Coloring Christmas 2013

by Quinn Larson

Another year has flown by and already we are a handful of days from Christmas.  For some reason whenever Thanksgiving is backed up against Christmas, like it was this year, it seems a little harder to motivate to decorate.  Gearing up for one holiday, while recovering from another is never an easy feat.

In the Pierce household we have soldiered on, secured a Christmas tree, and once again chosen to execute a new holiday color scheme.  Because my daughter is now over two with a developed sense of curiosity, we opted for the more durable or “shatter resistant” type of ornaments.   Though not as flawless in their construction as glass, they are certainly worth their weight in plastic gold for their durability.  Our tree would already be half undecorated for all the times I’ve picked them off the floor, deflected them from hitting the dogs, or de-wedged them from the couch.  Luckily the ornament manufacturers know this to be an issue amongst the parents of two year olds and create their shatter resistant ornaments in a myriad of traditional and trendy colors.

What did we decide on this year’s color theme to be? Gold and Bronze!

We did try to get that star straight.

What I love about this combination is the beauty of the various tones of bronze- from dark chocolate, to copper, to creamy orange, mixing with the deep burnished gold, vibrant brass tones and lighter shades of metallic sand.  Though only a two color combination, the variation in shades makes it read more like a six.

For previous years color combinations look here:


Wishing you very Happy Holidays!

Colorfully yours,


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