Colorful Resolutions

by Erika Woelfel

Oh no, did it happen again? Another year went by! Welcome to 2013.

Now that the festivities are behind us…seasonal ornaments and decorations packed away, cookie recipes retired for another year, and you get some of your life back—it’s time to think about the future. For many, this is a time of reflection. Many people think about their health; losing some pounds, kicking the smoking habit, that sort of thing. Gyms and fitness centers get invaded this time of year to wage war against the bulge. Others think about being more fiscally responsible, or spending more time with friends and family, or finally going on that vacation long put off. 

Resolutions are really about: How can the New Year be improved from the last?

In my world, it is pretty simple. It is all about de-cluttering. I am a pack-rat, but try not to hoard. Come January, my closet gets an overhaul. Things that weren’t worn in a year – jackets, jeans, shoes, party dresses – get donated. This year I am also going to tackle the kitchen cupboards. Dishes, glasses, gadgets in the drawers, they’re out. Juicers and coffee makers I don’t recognize anymore—see ya! Table cloths and placemats that weren’t used since my last move: out. Next it is the bookshelves in the study. Now that everyone has a tablet for storing and reading multiple books, who needs paperbacks? They’re gone. How long has that yoga mat been hiding under the bed collecting dust? It’s history.

Now that I feel there is space and breathing room in my home again, I start thinking about the fresh colors I want to bring in. It might be an accent wall, a new rug, or a new runner for the dining room table.

How did everyone do on colorful resolutions from last year? Did you ever get around to looking at new paint color samples? Starting a new project? Finishing an old one? Did you tell the neighbor you hate the color of their front door, so here’s a suggestion to make it better? If not, no worries! There’s plenty of time now to start afresh. There is a whole world of color waiting to happen in your home.

A short list of what you will need to start that new painting project:

–          masking tape

–          tarp to protect floors and furniture

–          rollers

–          paint tray

–          assortment of brushes (for trim and corners)

–          ladder

–          bucket of your favorite BEHR® Paint product and color!

For the best recommendations on tips and tricks to get started on your colorful project, please visit the www.behr.com site and view the Interior How To video:


Colorfully yours,


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