Color of the Month: Terracotta

by Erika Woelfel

Reminiscent of a fading sunset or stark desert, terracottas are earthy hues that brings a sense of inviting warmth to any space it touches. Whether it’s a muted clay or a rust orange, this color can suit a variety of home styles and tastes.

On the exterior of a home, terracotta can serve as a unique, yet neutral, color choice. Use it to coat the entire structure, or to accent a particular architectural detail, such as a garage, portico or entryway, and your home is guaranteed to stand out amongst its neighbors.


Inside a rustic home, deep terracottas are a beautiful choice for walls. Choose a shade that leans toward tan or brown to keep it from overpowering the room and then accent the area with raw wood, stone, jewel toned-accessories or southwestern-inspired patterns.


In a more traditional home, use a shade of muted melon that appears to be more of a soft, pastel hue. This color pairs nicely with gray, cream, brown, navy and gold. To start, try applying it on an accent wall and compliment it with a sprinkling of orange accessories throughout the space.


For those with modern homes, don’t be afraid to use more saturated, energetic shades of rust orange to add visual interest and warmth to a room. Whether it’s part of a geometric design, on an accent wall or a key piece of furniture, this hue is a great way to experiment and add a dash of rich color to your home.


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