Color of the Month: Khaki Sand

by Erika Woelfel

Whether your style is classic or contemporary, casual or chic, Khaki Sand is a beautiful color choice for any space. Because this hue can fluctuate from a dusky, fatigue green to a warm, sandy tan, Khaki Sand can serve as both a neutral base and a subtle accent color for your home.


As a wall color in a more eclectic and bohemian space, Khaki Sand’s warm undertones will pair nicely with saturated hues like cinnamon, mustard, brick red, coral, cobalt, turquoise and moss.


To add a sense a calming relaxation to your bathroom or bedroom, choose a cooler khaki shade and accent pieces in cream, stone gray, lavender, olive or slate blue.


Khaki’s neutral status also makes it very easy to decorate with a variety of textures. Whether it’s comfy denim, casual linen or soft cotton in an active family room, or natural fibers, reclaimed wood, animal prints and tribal etchings that are reminiscent of an African safari.


Choose Khaki Sand as a modern alternative to recently trendy gray and instantly provide your space with a sense of inviting warmth.


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